Learn if your Contact List and Reputation Management are effective. As you add contacts and more people remember you, you increase your real estate opportunities

Welcome to your Local Market Estimator: based on the size of your personal contact list

Email Address
I have reviewed all my contacts and understand which types I need to increase?
I am comfortable meeting strangers and getting them talking?
I regularly attend various local events and organizations?
I am prepared before an event or organization so I can meet and connect with a reasonable number of people?
I try to meet a variety of different types of people over time?
I look for ways to help people?
All my contacts, their information, important dates and notes are well organized in a system I use?
I have ways to get other people to understand I am reliable, have strong attention to detail, have many local contacts, understand the local region well, and I am good in dealing with people?
I understand different sets of my contacts, and can professionally stay in touch with each set?
I have documents, texts, emails, photos and other communications tools ready to give or send to my contacts?
I am clearly different in some way so people don't see me as average?
I stay in touch with people in different ways over time?
I have graphic standards for my business cards, documents, online information, emails, signage and other marketing materials?
I have many local contacts in my community?
I am very knowledgeable about my community, and I am a good information resource for other people?
I have social media profiles and those are reasonably up to date?
I have possible referral partners and testimonial sources?
I have prepared or have available little stories about my contact's experience with me, which each communicate something about me?
I have a personalized biography on my website or on the brokerage website?
I first received my Real Estate License in (year of licensing)
I have lived in my region for
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