My Local Contacts

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Email Address
I know approximately how often I'm communicating with my contacts
I know which types of contacts I need more of
I have identified local organizations or events to get more contacts
I use social media to build relationships locally
I can look confident in a room of strangers, and get others to talk
My contact management system is organized
I have various ways prepared to communicate with contacts over time
I have good communications tools ready to give or send to people, which they appreciate
I have a reputation that fits me and my market
I know the physical assets of my region very well, such as schools, parks, local trends
I have many contacts in my region
Many local people know me well enough to have a friendly conversation
I have prepared little stories which my contacts can easily communicate to others
Some people know me well enough to provide a testimonial about my personal characteristics
I have a short list of local people who sometimes receive referrals from me about
Some people would be confident giving others my real estate contact information
I have well prepared real estate business card, web site, biography, information sheets and more
I follow a personalized plan to improve my local reputation, knowledge and contact list