How you use the List & Reputation Growth System

As a real estate agent, you have a huge number of tasks, systems and software to learn and complete. That’s why the List & Reputation Growth System is designed to be easy and yet directly effective.

You are not average: no agent is. That’s why the Quiz is used: you answer about 20 questions and receive a confidential Report. That’s your personalized Needs Plan. There are 8 separate modules in the List & Reputation Growth System but you don’t need to do all 8.

List Reputation Growth Binder

Your Personal Plan

Your priorities are clearly spelled out: if it’s a 1-Time process, such as Test Your List, you can complete that in about 15 minutes and not need to repeat it again. If you need to become confident and very good at Networking, the plan is explained clearly. Then each time you will be attending an event or group, you will have simple steps on what to do before, during and after meeting new contacts.

The Calendar section is where you plan out the next 2-4 months. Because your time is very limited, only 2 hours or less per week are needed. Much of what’s needed to build your contact list and local reputation is free; and so is the Report.

Along with the confidential Report on what you need to do, you also receive:

  • Clear instructions on how to complete each module. You will probably only need to do 2-3 to rise above the average agent
  • Competitive Comparison of your current situation to other real estate agents

Ready to get started? Complete the Quiz in 10-15 minutes, then you will receive your confidential Report indicating which 2-3 of the Modules are your priority.

Why is this Free? is growing and learning – your information and success path along with many other real estate agents is how we will improve. By compiling facts and interviews with many agents about how they grow their Contacts List and manage their Local Reputation, our expertise grows. A lot of research and practical experience are in the List & Reputation Growth System: now it’s time to improve it. Are you ready to learn about yourself and what’s needed? As we learn, you will share in that competitive edge.

Start with the Quiz and get ready to layout a clear plan. Then, in 2-4 months, you will receive a surge in new opportunities. It starts with personalized knowledge and follows proven yet simple techniques.