Become the Memorable Realtor

In most communities, realtors are one of the key connectors. They know:

  • Who is starting a family;
  • Who is retiring;
  • Locations of schools, shopping and parks;
  • Who has special skills to help people with problems;
  • What changes are affecting the region.

The realtor estate agent’s role is important. It takes planning and an investment in time to become that person. When your neighbours recognize that you are an excellent local resource, your reputation replaces advertising.

RealEdge gives real estate professionals the tools to grow the depth of connections in the community they serve, and boosts the community’s understanding of the professional. The result will be more opportunities, clients and listings.

Use the ideas and methods available here, and let us know if each one is working well for you. Let’s help you become “The Memorable Realtor” for the people who live around you, and those who want to move in.