Get more new client opportunities when you manage your contact list and reputation


Use reliable and easy methods to become the Memorable Agent in your neighborhoods.

Improve Your Contact List

  • Quickly review your list
  • Learn which segments you need to add
  • Find low cost ways to meet those people


  • Choose events & organizations to expand your list
  • Attend a couple of times to test
  • Learn how to get others talking & build your trust

Contact Management

  • Move your full list of all contacts to a system you will use
  • Record the essential information & notes easily
  • Find people & groups fast for efficiency


  • Writing for the web, emails, printed materials & more
  • Prepare for networking adds to your ability & confidence
  • Your key message will teach contacts about you so your message is passed along


  • Give new & existing contacts information that grows your reputation
  • Provide solutions to their problems: use your website, emails, conversations and more
  • Communicate in different ways with a common message to boost understanding

Automated Communications

  • Use a reliable calendar or method for each contact
  • Different sets of contacts should have appropriate schedules
  • Learn who to quickly measure who is engaging in your communications

Community Knowledge

  • Learn the locations of schools, parks, shopping, churches/temples, sports facilities, event venues
  • Events, festivals, anniversaries
  • Cultural or ethnic groups within communities

Local Real Estate Market

  • Housing market history of past 3 years
  • Demographic
  • Changes


  • Which print, broadcast, online media serve the community
  • Media schedule
  • Media Conversations

Library Files

  • Photos
  • Email Series
  • Single messages


  • Problem & Solutions
  • Community knowledge
  • Create Memorable Stories

Some Client Testimonials

The new website looks much more professional, and I know I’ve picked up new clients because of it. Also, the information you gave me is very important

Ray Friesen CPA, CMA, Raymond E Friesen Inc.

the training information was very practical and well-tailored to the audience. Francis clearly thinks about what works best for his client…

Frankie Fenton, CPA, CMA

I’m very pleased with the way you went about the Client Satisfaction Survey.. It’s given me real insight into my clients…

Diane Penney, D.A. Penney Financial

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