About Real Edge

Francis Waller graduated from 2 marketing & advertising management programs. He received a diploma from Grant MacEwan Community College in Advertising & Public Relations and holds the designation of Certified Advertising Agency Practitioner from the Institute of Canadian Advertising. Additional education includes management decision-making, technical writing, train the trainer, entrepreneurship and business computer systems. Most of his career he was marketing and creating advertising for small and medium professional firms and businesses. He has worked in radio, tv, newspaper and magazine media companies. He interviewed thousands of executives and professionals as part of his role in helping build their businesses. That experience has guided him into what is needed in marketing communications and client development, and how to deliver the solutions. For the past 8 years he has helped clients go online in ways which fit their business.

Francis says: In the past, I have developed other training systems. I used what I’d learned over the years: the results will give you an advantage over other business. The modules use client development techniques used by successful accountants, lawyers and investment specialists who practice alone. By working those successful ideas into Become The Memorable Agent, my clients get a competitive edge. These methods work because the ideas are based on scientific facts.

David Holmes

A self described media production generalist, David Holmes began his media career as a broadcast journalist but has served over the years in a variety of creative capacities, including television production and as the editor of various community newspapers. A freelance writer and desktop publisher, much of his business background was involved in providing marketing and communication services to real estate sales professionals. Currently a feature writer focusing on the British Columbia business community, he also assists clients with everything from routine blogging, to media releases, social media maintenance, and in the production of custom business profiles.

Ilya Goldman

Ilya has been helping diverse businesses get noticed online. He excels at getting the right types of visitors to websites through Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click campaigns and coming up with ideas that get traction online.

Nav Bhatti

Nav Bhatti is currently studying computer science at BCIT, while also acting as BCIT’s Chair of Computing. Nav is the technical I.T. person to get online services working properly and smoothly; emails configured, Analytics running well… When users are screaming, he’s calm and effective.

524 East 45 Ave. Vancouver, BC, V5W 1X7
The new website looks much more professional, and I know I’ve picked up new clients because of it. Also, the information you gave me is very important.
Ray Friesen

CPA, CMA, Raymond E Friesen Inc.

I’m very pleased with the way you went about the Client Satisfaction Survey.. It’s given me real insight into my clients.
Diane Penney

D.A. Penney Financial

…the training information was very practical and well-tailored to the audience. Francis clearly thinks about what works best for his client, rather than simply relying on a cookie-cutter approach. I’d definitely recommend him.
Frankie Fenton

CPA, CMA, for the Wolters KluwerFrankie Fenton, CPA, CMA, for the Wolters Kluwer CCH Canada national webinar to accountants, lawyers and investment professional

Each of these packages is the result of “what works”. In our research, Best Practices show through and guide us. While every client of RealEdge needs their own personality and skills to show, there are common ideas that work to separate them from the average real estate agent.

Library of Documents, Images, Presentations, Graphics and Emails
  • Review emails, presentations and other files which can be repurposed
  • Discuss and review the files used 80% of the time
  • Assign what’s needs to be created quickly, and what can be done later
  • How each can be edited for different contact types, media format and purposes
  • Format and organize photos ready for website, emails, printed promotional materials
  • Prepare outlines of anecdotes and explanations ready for networking, phone calls and other conversations
  • Determine which graphics communicate really well and quickly
Package Rate: $190 to inventory, outline and organize. Additional writing, photography or design may be extra
Email Series: total of 8 emails

Series can be developed for 1 or more of the following:

  • New networking contacts
  • New contacts within a specific organization
  • Referral partners
  • Leads
  • Past clients

Each email will relate to specific topics, be in a logical order, and link to specific place on your website or call to action.

Package Rate: $450 to interview you, outline and write 8 emails. 2 editing stages will be included
Contact Management & List Improvement
  • Review most of your contacts
  • Define their Type, and Value of each
  • Find weaknesses in your list; organizations or events to attend to meet new contacts
  • How to network well
  • How to measure each organization
  • How to record each new contact, schedule future communications and stay in touch
  • Contact Management routines for each person, each week and each segment
Package Rate: $325 for a detailed interview with you, create a table of your contacts, local events and a possible calendar to schedule. You will also receive “How to start new conversations and build relationships”
Basic Website

The design, content and organization of a website are usually how potential clients will 1st learn about you. In this basic but thorough package, we will:

  • Prepare and send you detailed questions
  • Interview you
  • Choose a WordPress theme (very reliable system) from a few we choose for you. There are thousands of themes available
  • Use our outline to write the pages
  • Add local and market-specific phrases to demonstrate your community connections
  • Choose photos available
  • 2 edits of the written content
  • After approval of the content, photos and WordPress theme
    • Assemble all the elements
    • Publish on the web
Package Rate: $925 for a unique website with pages for: Home Page, For Buyers, For Sellers, Community, Resources, About Me, Contact Me
More:This package does NOT include domain registration, site hosting, email, monthly MLS plug-in fees. Please contact us to discuss the variables
Biography & Networking

When people start to learn about you, they look for quick facts and ideas. When they are asked “Do you know any real estate agents?” they should know some of your background, personality, standards, regions you work in and maybe little stories which are evidence of your personal style.

  • Detailed Interview with you
  • Brokerage website biography
  • Own website biography (more detailed)
  • Networking
    • Self-introduction
    • Questions to ask others to build understanding and trust
  • 3 stories that travel well (for referral partners, contacts and blog/emails)
Package Rate: $297