9 Promotions Which Communicate Your Personality

People want certain highly valuable characteristics in the real estate agent they choose. If your actions, website, references and promotions communicate those values about you, you get greater trust in the neighbourhoods you serve.

A real estate industry report states 50% of people seeking a real estate agent spend over 4 hours “researching agent information online”. That fact shows they are just not sure; they want evidence of who is better than average. Their searches start by asking people they trust.

7 Traits Of The Ideal Real Estate Agent
Your personality is not perfect: no one is exactly right. However you do want to emphasize the parts of your personal style which people value. By choosing smart promotions, you can connect with one or more of these valuable traits:
• Reliable
• Resourceful
• High attention to detail
• Local knowledge
• Many local contacts
• Forceful but not rude
• Get projects completed

Note: These phrases don’t say “negotiations”, “home construction”, “legal or financial knowledge” – those ideas are expected. The 7 traits above show the exceptional agent’s qualities. Become above average

You Are Not Average
If potential clients wanted an average agent, they would would do it quickly. They don’t. One piece of research states 74% choose an agent based on comments from people they trust, then they do online research to confirm that opinion.

Grow Your Reputation
A strong reputation creates confidence. If people describe you in phrases like Reliable, Get Projects Completed, and Great Local Knowledge, they will feel more optimistic about you.

9 Reputation-Building Promotions
– Organize a charity fundraiser with strong local connection. Find different people in the community and get them connected to each other. When you are the Connector, more people refer to you as a go-to person.

– Free guide on the neighbourhood: for singles; young families; parents of busy teens; seniors; immigrants or other groups. When you consider your Positioning within the community, use a targeted promotion that directly addresses a segment you have chosen.

– Help people find rental properties at no charge
They might not become a client for years. Yet they will know your name and understand you have the resources and connections to help people with their housing needs. They can mention your name to others.

– Do Youtube or Vimeo blogging on recent changes in the area, comments on potential zoning changes. Show your personality, not just your fashion.
One of the best parts of face-to-face networking is for people to be able to get a sense of your personal style. Video that is reasonably well done with good audio can multiply your presence by making you available 24/7 via a short clip.

– Invite a local authority to write a blog you post on your website and deliver to the right media
Connections within the community are really boosted if you assist others to communicate their message. Perhaps a local religious leader, non-profit volunteer or concerned parent want to deliver their message to more people. Help them create and find good places for their message to appear, not just your website.

– Free home valuations
Real estate agents have been using valuation to open new doors for many years. Can you add to that by suggesting small improvements, before the property is listed, to increase its marketability? Maybe a local landscaper and painter can help you. That team will further grow your referral partnerships.

– Guide to home staging using local talent and merchants
Home staging adds approximately 4 times the value to a sale price for every $1,000 spent. Staging helps people see the as it can be, not as it is. A home stager is an ideal referral partner.

– Find a community group with a real problem and get involved, especially on getting them exposure
Every community has big issues needing to be addressed. These often involve more complex political processes and connections. If you find an issue you support, and the people involved need help: learn what they need. Connect them to others in the community who can provide good parts of a solution, learn who in local government needs to be worked with, and help get the group’s message out to the media and others.

– Nurture contacts, not just leads, over time with information they will value.
If you only promote instead of inform, your list will shrink. If you have good information local people care about and share, your list will grow. By understanding a local segment you have decided to focus on, you will learn their needs. Do some research and set up a series of emails which help seniors, young families or others. Over time that series of emails will help people. IMPORTANT: Always get people’s permission before sending them an email.

Whatever your promotion ideas are, these action need to achieve some essential goals:
– Honestly reflect your personal strengths
– Separate you from other local agents so build memorability
– Reflect the values of your community. A neighbourhood of older family homes is very different from high density new condos
– Be consistent over time with the ideas and qualities you emphasize.

When you are the local real estate agent who does more than attend open houses and solicit new leads, you can manage your reputation. Be the community connector; be the person who can direct people to solutions; be the person other’s mention when a project needs successful completion. These qualities are the solid base to grow your reputation.

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