Improve Your Contact List

  • Quickly review your list.
  • Learn which segments you need to add.
  • Find low cost ways to meet those people.


  • Choose events & organizations to expand your list.
  • Attend a couple of times to test.
  • Learn how to get others talking & build your trust.

Contact Management

  • Move your full list of all contacts to a system you will use.
  • Record the essential information & notes easily.
  • Find people & groups fast for efficiency.


  • Writing for the web, emails, printed materials & more.
  • Prepare for networking adds to your ability & confidence.
  • Your key message will teach contacts about you so your message is passed along.


  • Give new & existing contacts information that grows your reputation.
  • Provide solutions to their problems: use your website, emails, conversations and more.
  • Communicate in different ways with a common message to boost understanding.

Automated Communications

  • Use a reliable calendar or method for each contact.
  • Different sets of contacts should have appropriate schedules.
  • Learn who to quickly measure who is engaging in your communications.

Community Knowledge

  • Learn the locations of schools, parks, shopping, churches/temples, sports facilities, event venues.
  • Events, festivals, anniversaries.
  • Cultural or ethnic groups within communities.

Local Real Estate Market

  • Housing market history of past 3 years.
  • Demographic.
  • Changes.


  • Which print, broadcast, online media serve the community.
  • Media schedule.
  • Media Conversations.